For the first article I want to talk about women, especially women who do not have the ability to make difficult choices.
We lived so far in three countries Romania (home country), Spain (but not living there?) And Norway where still live and where it is not as cold as everyone thought and still think.
Let’s talk about women in general are wery diferent but still same (weird huh?)
 Those how are very pretty, anorexic, they like to attend mens whit big capital and expensive shops, nothing against.
Or the housewives arranged discreetly, human forms, attending kindergartens and market, not against.
And with all these differences, we are the same. We feel injured when we are treated with superiority, when partners forget anniversaries, when we can not fulfill our dreams ,but all of us  we feel happy when you are told “You kept diet? You look good!, when we get a flower,when the coffe shop guy stutter when I ask for the order, etc. .. little things we make our day better and bigger chances of liveang happy ever after.

Despite the fact that we are most of us in stable relationships, children, we must not renounce of independence as most need.
My intention is to bring to your attention something that can most’ve lost along the way, something we’ve learned on our skin alone.Is the freedom that is essential for peace of mind!
I will conclude this article with a quote from Louise Otto, a strong woman with an influence of role models!

“The history of all times, but especially this teaches us that women are forgotten if they forget to think about themselves”

Have a good day!


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